Creating harmony and pleasure.

This is an example of the creativity of Gary Winter Landscape Design, a long-term client dedicated to connecting families and communities to the environment.

When designing an outdoor space for a client, my aim is to create a space that is not only visually and functionally sound and appealing but has the right feel and experience for anyone who visits the space. This applies whether I am designing a community space or a residential garden setting.

My clients for this project in Balwyn, Victoria also appointed the services of a Feng Shui Master to help them achieve the most life-giving result for their property. Feng Shui is often known as geomancy and is an ancient practice originating from China. Using their understanding of the need to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment, the Feng Shui practitioner use formulas and calculations to provide recommendations for the location. This relates to the placement of physical elements, the orientation of the residence on the property and the timing of these actions.

Feng Shui Compass

The client engaged my services in December 2016 and following the Fen Shui Master’s recommendations, looked at completing the upper level landscape, with the lower level to be completed after the Chinese New Year 2018. I recommended that we complete a design for the whole yard and undertake construction of the upper level during 2017.

However, due to council and permit hold ups, we were unable to start the project until September of 2017. The client then suggested we wait until after the commencement of the Chinese New Year in Feb 2018 to complete the whole project. We scheduled this accordingly.

The brief for the design was decking with a ‘Tee Pee’ and play equipment for their children.

My design incorporated leaving the masonry retaining wall and steps dividing the two levels, install a deck, the Tee Pee and major play equipment components for the upper level, and take advantage of the change in height to add in a slide, climbing rope, and climbing board.

The property included an in-ground water tank, which intruded visually on the area. My design incorporated covering the tank with mulch to keep it out of sight. The area also contains an EnsoPet innovative inground composting system, specifically designed for composting pet waste easily and hygienically. This enables the family to keep the yard free of pet waste, prevents the waste from ending up in landfill and rebuilding the garden soil on a microbial level.

The result of the careful planning and design of the area in collaboration with the clients and their Feng Shui Master is:

  • Conscious usage of the energy flow of the property.

  • A spacious deck area which adults can use for relaxation and entertaining guests

  • A special, fun area for the children to play safely and happily close by

  • Space for their pet to enjoy that can be kept clean with ease

The project is an excellent example of how to use the allowable space in a garden or community area well for the enjoyment of humans, animals and the plants contained within that area. With careful planning, you can add valuable components to an area that sustain the environment and create harmonious balance for all who use it.

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