Exciting news!

My Living History is about to begin the first training program for Interviewers.

Have you ever been to a funeral and found out something about a friend or relative that you never knew before? That’s sad because they’re no longer around to share their stories.

What about your parents or grandparents? How much do you really know about their life?

Would you want your children to only discover things about them at their funeral?

As a published author on Australian social history, I know our nation’s history is comprised of the stories of all our lives. So, a little bit of Australia’s history disappears when someone passes.

My Living History is a way of capturing the lives of the senior members of our community before they become unwell or pass away and we lose their stories forever.

Our interviewers have specific skills in connecting with your parents or grandparents to record their stories for you, your children and future generations of your family. It is a fabulous way to honour their life.

If you are interested in joining our team to interview senior members of our community to record their stories in their own words, please contact Sheridan on 0419 547 810 or sheridan@wellsaid.com.au or via our Contact page.

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