People are angry that the COVID restrictions take away their freedom. Victorians particularly don't like being told what to do.

What is true restriction? What is true domination?

Isn't being tied down to a job that you don't enjoy being restricted?

Having to get up at the same time 5-6 times a week, catch a crowded train/tram or wait in traffic jams all the way to go somewhere to work when someone tells you to, have lunch when someone says you can, be watched and assessed for performance on a production line, office cubicle or in one of those glass, see-through offices, then go home when the clock tells you, to ride home in the same crowded train/ tram or traffic jam, to get home, cook dinner, watch a little TV then go to bed to do the same thing tomorrow, a form of entrapment?

How has COVID made you change how you see things?

Does more time with your family, time to enjoy crafts, hobbies, exercise and cooking feel good? Does working from home give you hours of time to do things you enjoy / care about?

Stop and take stock as these last few Coronavirus days pass. Assess where the restrictions on your life really apply and look at how your future can allow more freedom, more self-expression, more joy and laughter.

We have been given a gift called Coronavirus Lockdown, which allows us time to evaluate what we have been accepting as "the norm" in our lives.

If this kind of life suits you because you get to enjoy the goals you desire, that's fantastic. If it doesn't, what would your life look like if you didn't have to run the gauntlet every day.

Sending love to everyone, especially my fellow Victorians, and a wish that you might finally choose a life you love.

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