The Golden Age of Female Comics is here!

The Golden Age of Female Comics is here!

That's according to a study published in the Australian Journal of Public Administration. Co-author, Dr Chris Pepin-Neff – Lecturer on Public Policy, Sydney University asks,

“Are female comedians now political actors using humour to influence the public and change society?”

The topic was discussed on ABC's The Drum on Saturday night by host, Julia Baird, Dr Chris Pepin-Neff, Amanda Rose – Co-Founder of Western Sydney Women Australia, Jane Caro – Author and Dai Le - Fairfield City Councilor & Founder of the Dawn Network champions culturally diverse leadership.

It contained examples such at the Tina Fey & Amy Poehler joke about Bill Cosby seen here

The complete interview can be found on Iview: playing at 33 mins to 45 mins of the broadcast.

Loved Jane Caro's comment: “There have always been funny women out there, they just couldn’t get in front of the camera.”

It's worth a listen!

The complete article in the Australian Journal can be found at:…/p…/10.1111/1467-8500.12280

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