Debbie Small Sassy Legs

I interviewed a business woman who knows how our feelings are influenced by what we wear. Debbie Small established a business called Sassy Legs


I help people feel and look great, so they feel their best and therefore perform at their best and shine.

When you’re having a terrible day, putting on lovely pantyhose can give you confidence, courage and comfort. It’s the little things that make us feel great and help us shine.

I chose stockings as my product because I was already selling hosiery to help a friend. I used to hate hosiery, but as I tried on different styles and patterns, I began to love the way they made me feel. I felt more empowered, sexy and sassy.

Sassy Legs is focused on providing a range of hosiery that is quality, luxury and edgy.

We also have a great range of plus size for everyday wear.

More recently, I added a range of men’s underwear to the business. I was approached by someone who offers underwear that is comfortable and feels fabulous to wear. I had some male friends try them on and they all loved them. They also like that the fabric is easy wash and wear.

This range is exclusive to Sassy Legs.


Exceptional quality is important to me. Clients love what we offer because I make sure that every item is quality. Our range of hosiery and underwear is edgy and a bit different. Clients love choosing just the right pattern and style.

d shirt can change the appearance of their suit. They can have a new look every day. I wanted to provide this kind of convenience for business women. A variety of hosiery is fabulous, especially when you’re travelling. Different tights can create a completely different look even though you’re wearing the same outfit.

The men are just as particular about their underwear, so we make sure they are happy with the choices we provide. We have complete confidence that our products work.

Excellence in customer service is also very important and our clients enjoy the convenience of ordering our products online.

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