Debbie Small Empowerment Point

Debbie Small has launched a new venture and it was great to interview her about this.


Helping business owners gain clarity and focus, so they can do what they do best.

This is a new business venture for me and it is designed to help business owners establish a strong foundation, so they have the strength to scale and grow without having their business fall apart. In the same way that a building relies on solid foundations, a business needs a strong structure to equip it for future expansion.


Empowerment Point is based on a specialised system that I have created to help business owners get to where they want to be a lot quicker; and ensure they have a strong foundation to do this.

There is a process, which includes:

  • a membership base who collaborate and interact with each other,

  • a Foundation package,

  • a range of other services we can do for you as well as training for you and your team

I don’t come from a business family, so I have made many mistakes along the way which proved very costly, however this has also taught me many great lessons. If this system had been around for me, it would have saved me loads of time and money. I want other businesses to benefit from my mistakes without having to go through what I have been through.

The business draws on my experience as well as my personal and business values. If what I am doing is not making a difference for others, there is no point in doing it. I love to see others shine and to make their life easier.

Empowerment Point can assist business owners, particularly those offering professional services. We help business owners who feel overwhelmed and stressed feeling they have too much to do. We look at their overall business from their foundations up and help them gain clarity and focus.

Business owners can also be entrepreneurs who can get side-tracked with all the amazing ideas they have. However, they don’t always know all the nuts and bolts that are needed to make their ideas a reality. We help them by educating them on exactly what they need to achieve their desired results.

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