I had the pleasure of interviewing an excellent business coach, Dianna Jacobsen. Here is her business story.


I help you find the wealthy you.

I work with anyone who wants to manage anything around their financial empowerment and money management. There are different contexts for people needing assistance. For example:

  • SME’s who feel overwhelmed by the number of people giving them financial advice and don’t know which way to go. I relieve the pressure by putting simple strategies in place relevant to their current situation, which help them move forward with their business goals.

  • Families and individuals whose fiscal management is poor or non-existent. I help them to feel financially empowered, managing any or all the aspects such as their money, home loans, personal loans, Super and insurance.

  • Women who feel isolated and intimidated and are struggling to manage their financial situation. I help them develop their skills and confidence in managing all aspects of their finances.

  • Rural families wanting to put succession planning into place. I have seen the damage this can do to families if this is not in place.

Shine at Business is based in Wodonga and I have an office in Melbourne where I meet clients from around Victoria. I regularly travel to Sydney, Canberra and other regional places to meet face-to-face with clients, and I work with clients nationally using video conferencing.

Clients come to us because they are struggling to keep up the mask on the outside that everything is fine while inside, they feel like a failure. Their feelings about their finances impacts all areas of their life and causes conflict between partners and family members.

They are juggling so many financial aspects including:

  • Their home

  • The Mortgage

  • Credit Card debt

  • Some also have store cards that are up to or over the limit

  • They have no idea about Super

  • They have no idea about insurance

  • Their Wills are so old, they are no longer relevant

  • Their accountant does compliance but doesn’t understand other stuff

  • Some may have Centrelink eligibility they are not accessing

  • They may require a different Tax entity

  • They need to reconfigure their finances

I help you to draw a picture of what you would like your life to look like. I break down what feels


Few financial advisors have the range and scope of qualifications that I have. This enables my clients to have an integrated conversation about all the areas of their finances without seeing multiple advisers.

My point of difference is the ability to start where you are right now and move on from there.

Many people are too intimidated to talk to their bank, their accountant or financial adviser about their true situation. They come to me to work with an objective, qualified, encouraging and compassionate adviser who can be the conduit between the ATO, their bank, Super fund, and Insurer.

I accept where you are without judgement and we start from there. I am connected to a broad range of professionals who can also assist. I have no alliances with particular banks, super funds, and insurers.

My clients do not need to feel uncomfortable about their circumstances. We look at the whole picture. We work together to put simple steps in place and set up: STRUCTURE, STRATEGY and SEQUENCE to suit them and help them reach their desired outcomes.

I also have the ability to have my eye over their whole situation, looking for the right sequence so they can do the right thing at the right time. My clients become empowered realising that they are the ones making the choices. You’re in charge of the money rather than the money controlling you. You can take the steps to finally get out of the spiral of worry. I remain objective, taking the emotion out of the situation. We set a plan in place that is sustainable and includes careful planning, everyday money management, debt restructuring, and wealth creation.

“When you take one step close to your goal, the Universe moves your goal one step closer to you” Dianna Jacobsen

While I head up Shine at Business, there is a whole team of experienced, professional people behind me:

  • Accountants

  • Financial Planners

  • Solicitors

  • Bookkeepers

  • Accountants

  • Insurance Brokers

  • Marketing Experts

  • Mortgage & Loans Brokers

I help you map out an overall strategy and refer you to trusted, relevant professionals for particular elements. Working with Shine at Business, you have access to all of this. I may have a dozen professionals working on a project for clients at any given time.

I don’t just handball it through to my team. All the information and reports come back through me and are then on to you. I keep my eyes across it all and map out what I want them to do for you.

Shine at Business works with a mix of clients – some live in Rural area, some live “on the fringes” of the cities and we work with a number of city businesses.

There is a lot of focus on the rural sector in relation to mental health. Governments are now offering extensive funding for educating and supporting individuals and families in regional areas. However, as someone dealing closely with these families, I understand how the pressure of dealing with business and money issues impacts their energy and resourcefulness. I’m concerned that resources are needed to help people in regional areas to manage their financial stress before labelling it as mental illness. They are disillusioned and worried that they are going to lose the business, their home and their lifestyle. Families have renewed hope from our first meeting and they are so relieved that there is a way through their dilemma.


Interested Business Owners can access a one-to-one strategic planning session with me to create an action plan they can use straight away.

The session will be conducted over ZOOM so they can connect with me from their home and don’t have travel. We’ll spend the time mapping out a personalised, workable action plan for you. Your investment of $300 + GST includes follow up by me to see how you are progressing. Plus, there is a special bonus:

You can download one of my workshop webinars, the 4 T’s to Shine at Business, covering the topics of


  • TIME

  • TEAM

  • TALK


Jacqueline Brauman, Principal Solicitor of TBA Law met me at an event for Rural Women in North East Victoria. I followed up with Jacqueline after the event to have a chat about what she wanted for herself and her business. She began the Shine at Business mentoring program and quickly realised improvement in her business. Jacqueline expressed appreciation for the way we focused on the full range of areas in her business, instead of just marketing or personal development. She found the framework and the activities “incredibly effective”. One area was the way Jacqueline was dealing with her team. By taking the coaching on board, her confidence in leading her team blossomed. I also assisted her with an important negotiation which will double her business.

A client based in Melbourne came to me concerned that they had accumulated around $2million debt. They wanted to gain more balance in their finances and their lifestyle. We began by managing the problem areas while at the same time taking actions to build up the business. We focussed on debt restructuring, wealth creation and creating the lifestyle they desired. They have doubled their turnover each year and the business is now providing four times the profit. They are now at the end of their old debt and enjoying running their business once again.

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