It was a pleasure to interive David Ritchie for The Business Marketplace.


I get a business’s website noticed in Google.

Most businesses want to be the authority in their niche. They want to be known for what they do. The internet is just another channel to make that happen. So, having the best exposure on the internet “Billboard” is what I do to help my clients get noticed.


I set peoples websites up for long-term effectiveness.

From my understanding from so many years in the industry, especially working with SEO, there are “only so many ways you can skin a cat”. In the last 20 years, Google has dictated how people should be found. Initially, the more links that you had, the greater presence you had. So, in the early SEO days, it was literally a link count. It was “how many links can you get and who cares where they come from!”

That lead to gaming of the system because people just generated links that had no relevance. Over the years, Google has gotten smarter at how it weeds out from the billions of websites out there, which ones were worthwhile by evaluating someone’s response to a question and which ones had no value.

So, the Google algorithm, which is basically a computer program (there’s nobody doing it, as such) is constantly being fine-tuned. The techniques that used to work, even as little as a year ago, no longer work because the algorithm moves on. Somebody comes up with an idea, it gets spread out “into the wild” and everybody starts using it. Then Google says, “that kind of gaming just doesn’t work anymore so we’re going to completely discount it completely!”


You could have a competitor who wants to bring your website down and they send lots of spammy links to your website and you don’t know they are doing it. You don’t know what’s being linked to your website. But Google is tracking this activity and about a year or two ago, a whole industry grew around how to clean up your website to get rid of spammy links and make Google think you are good.

The software that Google uses, which is called RankBrain, knows this is happening so they don’t bother counting those links anymore. They know it’s spam, so they’re not going to count it. That whole industry based around cleaning up your website has effectively disappeared because the landscape has moved on.

But nothing has really changed. Google is looking at each link and deciding, ‘this link is credible and can be trusted, and is relevant”. In effect, if your website is close to a trusted source, then you will rank. If your website is built in a credible way with lots of internal linking, then you’ve instantly got an evergreen set of links that won’t go out of date and won’t be destroyed by somebody else.

You can keep adding to your links as much as you like and become your own author. You’re publishing your own broadcasting station and you’re in control of it.

There are techniques that SEO companies can use, however, you yourself can create a base of good links and build them up so you become the authority in your industry. Nothing in SEO is more than simple, straight-forward, well-applied techniques.

Of course, be aware that no one can guarantee results because GOOGLE IS THE GATEKEEPER. No one can control Google, so if an SEO company says, “in six weeks’ time, you’re going to see results because I have done A, B and C.”, then you mostly likely won’t see results. Or if you do, they may not persist.

Google really wants to rank your website because they want to sell AdWords. They are in the business of creating advertising. That’s where they make their money. They need valid, credible, authority focussed search results to sell Ads. They have to tell webmasters what they need to do in order to rank so that they can then sell Ads.


You know you need SEO – you must have it or you’re not in business.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why do you want SEO – what result do you want? Do want to be an authority and get credibility? You definitely want more traffic. Do you want the vanity of being Number One?

  2. Take a look at your website, decide how your target customer will search for it and if you’re not getting the result you want, then I am the person to talk to. I’ll help you work out a strategy. I will help you work out how to get SEO without spending too much money on ineffective ways.

You need the best strategy you can have at the best price point for your business.


A lot of people don’t. They think it’s a brochure. They talk about their features and NOT the benefits to the customer. A customer searches for something by asking a question and when they end up on your page, the business owner has to literally read their mind and can show that webpage can answer their question. The customer can see that you understand them and you have their trust immediately.

Your website shouldn’t be about what you can DO. It must show the customer that you want a CONVERSATION about what they need and how you can solve their pain points for them.

A lot of websites do not have a call to action!

Get the visitor to your website to:

  • Call this number

  • Click this link

  • Download this report

  • Go to my contact page

If I talked in person to a business owner, they would let me know what they want me to do, however, on their website, they do not think to use a call to action. Customers have read the blurb, they like what they see but they are left wondering what to do. Some of them can’t even see a phone number to call you!

See my offer below


Go to my website, www.canberraexpertseo.com Click on WEB HEALTH CHECK link in the menu,

Put in your website address, your name, email address and phone number (when prompted) and your FREE report will be delivered to your inbox. It’s like a very simple Vitamin test of your website.

We can have a conversation about your website. I’m happy to share my knowledge!

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