How can I write a blog?

You know you want to be out there on social media.

You know you have a MOUNTAIN of knowledge you can share with others. Yet, when you try to create a blog, you get jammed. The words won’t come together. Here are my tips in getting that wealth of knowledge out from under your brain cells and into a blog. Remember that you DON’T have to be perfect. You do need to be GENUINE.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What results do you really love to create for your clients?

  • What is their biggest problem you solve for your clients?

Write down dot points about these and then flesh out 3 points about each one. Don't use selling language. Tell them a story about how you provided each of these for clients. I am sure, if you take a few minutes, the ideas will come flooding in. Step into your knowledge and share from there.

Let people get to know you and tweak their interest in your business and in you.

Send them love, send them your expertise. Give it away freely to show them you care. Ask them to contact you if they need to know more.

By staying in communication, you are giving up the what's in it for you and you're focusing on what's in it for them. They can become your loving audience.

Once you’ve shared your gems with them, end the blog by giving them something to do.

  • Have something they can download from your website once they give you their name and email.

  • Ask them to contact you if they have any further questions.

  • Get them to comment, like, and share.

  • Ask them if they know someone who struggles with the things you’ve written about and ask them to share it with them.

Remember to include your contact details.

Oh, and when you post, find a fabulous picture that shows their pain or the feeling about the points you are making. A great image always catches attention.

Jump in and have some fun!

Sheridan Morris

Well Said & Associates

Right Words, Perfect Timing


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