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Your business story - Your compass

Promote your business journey so your customers know how far you have come!

Read and Said records and updates your Business Story, creating an inspirational and precise history of your business development


Your Business Story

  • Provides inspiration and acknowledgement.
  • Enables your Team to see steps you have taken to develop your enterprise.
  • Is a powerful tool in the development of new products and services.
  • Provides an opportunity to reconnect to your vision.
  • Acts like compass for your business development.


Special features of Your Business Story include:

  • Major activities and achievements
  • A precise history of your business development.
  • Acknowledgement of your skills and experience.

The Creative Process:

Your Business Story is prepared for you through:

  • Developing your history in note form.
  • Clarification of your vision and goals.
  • Creation of draft copy developed in the context of your vision.
  • Consultation on draft material to create final draft.
  • Ongoing recording of your Business Story at an hourly cost.
  • Additional editing provided at an hourly cost.


Well Said & Associates

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