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Annual reports - Your credentials

Demonstrate your Companys Mission, philosophy and results for the year.

Read and Said saves you time and reduces your frustration through the creation and management of you Annual Report content - providing the right words in perfect timing. 


An Annual Report

  • Provides inspiration and encouragement for your Team.
  • Enables your customers / share holders / sponsors and supporters to see the results your business / organization achieved over the year.
  • Includes comprehensive coverage of your activities for the year with a focus on positive results achieved.
  • Becomes an excellent recording of your business / organizations growth and development.
  • Is a powerful document for enrolling prospective customers / supporters, business partners / sponsors, and other financial organizations.
  • Provides an opportunity to assess your goals and develop business planning.


Special features of the report include:

  • Major activities and achievements
  • Staff profiles
  • Acknowledgement of your supporters / customers

The Creative Process:

Your report is prepared for you through:

  • An initial interview with your key Team members to gain understanding of your business / organizations Mission and desired outcomes
  • Development of a specific theme for the document in alignment with your Mission
  • Interviews with Board Members, Management Team, Staff and Customers
  • Liaison with graphic artists, photographers and printers to create visual representation of the theme
  • Draft copy of all articles to be included in the report
  • Consultation on draft material to create final drafts of each article.
  • Additional editing provided at an hourly cost.


Well Said & Associates

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