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Publicity articles - Your expertise

Give the world some good news through positive, proactive promotions.

Read and Said can create stories appropriate to your chosen media, which educate the public about you and your product and generate enthusiasm and interest.


Publicity Articles work for your business by:

  • Creating interest in you, your business and your product.
  • Demonstrating your values.
  • Educating the public and firing their interest.
  • Having the media work for you at no cost!
  • Expanding your marketplace.

The Creative Process:

We can get your name in print by:

  • Creating a story relevant to your chosen publication, radio or television station.
  • Researching the appropriate media contact.
  • Acting promptly so your story is current and newsworthy.
  • Liaison with photographers and graphic artists where appropriate.
  • Generating an ongoing relationship with relevant media contacts.


Well Said & Associates

Mobile: 0419 547 810

Email: sheridan@cosmic-clown.com