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Business Letters - Your expression

Let you customers know how much you value them by being in communication.

Read and Said creates effective communications, which nurture your relationship with your customers.


Business Letters

  • Acknowledge your customers as an important part of your business.
  • Keep your customers up-to-date on your growth and development.
  • Provide value-add tips to enhance usage of your products and services.
  • Help retain you current customers.
  • Convert prospects into customers.


Effective Business Letters

  • Are aligned with your values.
  • Catch the readers attention.
  • Do not ramble.
  • Have clarity not confusion.
  • Call the reader into action.
  • Leave the reader feeling valued and respected.

The Creative Process:

To help you maintain contact with your customers promptly and effectively we:

  • Establish what you want to say and the result you want to achieve.
  • Create a clear profile of your customers.
  • Research content.
  • Create key phrases to express your values.
  • Provide a draft and final version of the copy in collaboration with you.
  • Work to the agreed timeframe.
  • Provide additional editing at an hourly cost.
  • Provide recommendations on follow-up communication.


Well Said & Associates

Mobile: 0419 547 810

Email: sheridan@cosmic-clown.com